Feng Shui Schools


Feng Shui Academy: Feng Shui and Ba Zi courses by Chinese Master Mina Zheng. Based in Australia.

The New England School of Feng Shui: Founded in 1999, provides individual workshops and certificate programs

Raymond Lo: Hong Kong based, attended by many Feng Shui practitioners.

Lillian Too: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia based seminar program. Long established, very popular.

BTB Feng Shui School: San Francisco, California

Teresah Hwang: California, United States

Feng Shui Institute of America, LLC: Ohio, United States

Sunset Fortune, Inc: Florida, United States

Art of Feng Shui Consultancy: Ancient Wisdom, Art of Asia Traditional Classical FengShui Consultation and Mastery School

Mastery School of Chinese Metaphysics: Based in France. Founded by Adrien Silverstone, provides seminars, workshops and online certification programs

Sheffield School - New York based, offers Feng Shui Interior Design course by correspondence.

Sarah McAllister: United Kingdom

Hans-Georg Strunz: Switzerland

Feng Shui Cultural Center International: Florida, United States

Harrah Brown: Nevada, United States

European School of Feng Shui: Sweden. Founded by Charlotta Ek-┼hrberg, teaching classical feng shui with form school, ba shop, flying star and four pillars

Master Feng Institute: Feng Shui School in Australia

Portland Feng Shui Institute: Oregon, United States

The International House of Feng Shui: Complete Feng Shui courses, accredited with the AFSC. Perth, Australia.